Odie and Partners

We design brands that tell stories.

From naming a company to logo design to the look and feel of the website, we craft brands with personality and purpose. Formerly known as Ideogram, we have worked with individuals, businesses, and nonprofits since 2007 to help them think strategically about the image they present to the world.

We know that good design profoundly impacts a business for the better, so we strive to create brand identities that reflect the care and intention put into a company. More than creating something simply beautiful, we want to craft an identity that resonates with the soul of an organization. That means partnering with our clients so that their values have a direct impact on our work. The result is a meaningful and authentic design.

We believe that thoughtful brands improve the world around us. They add significance to the small things, a little poetry to the everyday. At Odie, the work we do with each client is an opportunity to add more value to our surroundings and make life a little brighter.

And that experience doesn’t stop with a logo or a website. See our services.


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