Oka Uba IPA

We’ve loved working alongside Cahaba as they’ve continued to grow throughout the years, and we’re excited to share the design for the new Oka Uba IPA can that will be hitting the shelves soon.


We’re proud to have designed Cahaba’s first can on the shelves, the American Blonde. The light, crisp ale in clean, sharp packaging has been a fan favorite, flying off the shelves at local stores. “The American Blonde has been so well received in the market, we’re excited to finally be able to offer more of our beer in cans,” says Brewmaster and Partner Eric Meyer. The Oka Uba, brewed with Columbus hops and later dry hopped for enhanced flavor featuring floral and citrus notes, is Cahaba’s main IPA and we are thrilled to now be able to pick up a six-pack in stores!


Behind the Design of the Oka Uba IPA Can:


The Cahaba brand is inspired by the river—not just the physical body of water that flows through Alabama, but all that it represents. The opportunity to jump into your passion, the chance to either watch the river flow or get in with it, the excitement and risk it takes to pursue your dreams. So when designing the cans, reflecting on the visual representations of the river is always important to us. The greens of the Oka Uba can harken back to nature and to the river, as do all the colors of the brand’s core.


Alabamians, be on the lookout for newly canned Oka Uba IPA on the shelves.


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