1. HOW International Design Awards

    Thank you HOW International for showing us more love on our identity work for Bail Bond Brothers. Check out more about this project here!

  2. 2016 Print Regional Design Annual


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    We are honored and excited to represent the South for the second year in a row in the Print Regional Design Annual for our brand identity work for Bail Bond Brothers in Hoover, AL!

  3. Cahaba Brewing—New Oka Uba IPA Can

    Oka Uba IPA

    We’ve loved working alongside Cahaba as they’ve continued to grow throughout the years, and we’re excited to share the design for the new Oka Uba IPA can that will be hitting the shelves soon.


    We’re proud to have designed Cahaba’s first can on the shelves, the American Blonde. The light, crisp ale in clean, sharp packaging has been a fan favorite, flying off the shelves at local stores. “The American Blonde has been so well received in the market, we’re excited to finally be able to offer more of our beer in cans,” says Brewmaster and Partner Eric Meyer. The Oka Uba, brewed with Columbus hops and later dry hopped for enhanced flavor featuring floral and citrus notes, is Cahaba’s main IPA and we are thrilled to now be able to pick up a six-pack in stores!


    Behind the Design of the Oka Uba IPA Can:


    The Cahaba brand is inspired by the river—not just the physical body of water that flows through Alabama, but all that it represents. The opportunity to jump into your passion, the chance to either watch the river flow or get in with it, the excitement and risk it takes to pursue your dreams. So when designing the cans, reflecting on the visual representations of the river is always important to us. The greens of the Oka Uba can harken back to nature and to the river, as do all the colors of the brand’s core.


    Alabamians, be on the lookout for newly canned Oka Uba IPA on the shelves.


    See more work for Cahaba Brewing Company.

  4. LogoLounge 2016 Logo Trends

    Award Winning Logo from LogoLounge Logo Trends for 2016.

    Each year, Logo Lounge publishes logo trends based on what is happening industry wide. Well, we must be doing something right. We are excited and honored to have two of our logos featured in LogoLounge’s 2016 Logo Trends. Check out our work for Rockvine Homes and Clements Dean Building Company.

  5. Print Magazine on Odie and the Print Regional Design Annual

    Print RDA - McKenzie Miller spread

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    We recently got to share a few thoughts with Print Magazine about why we decided to enter our work in last year's Print Regional Design Annual (Print RDA).


    Here’s Brian on why the Print RDA was so worthwhile:


    Why did you enter the RDA?

    The PRINT RDA competition is an opportunity to have our work judged and compared to the best work in the country. We strive for creative excellence and it is a chance to see how our work is thought of by our peers. Being featured in the RDA is validation for lots of hard work.


    What do you see as the benefits of the RDA?

    There is great opportunity for exposure. It allows our work to reach further. It’s attractive to new talent for our firm to say that we not only enter our work, but occasionally win.

    Print RDA - Oxlot 9

    We got to represent the South with two projects last year, with recognition for the brand identities we created for Oxlot 9 and McKenzie Miller Films. We’re looking forward to seeing what 2016 RDA holds!


    Be sure to check out the thoughts from the other talented designers featured in last year’s annual.